Doctor X – Episode 5 (Review)

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Doctor X – Gekai Daimon Michiko
Episode 5

Review by David Cirone

Ryoko Yonekura Doctor X

Busujima questions Daimon’s manager Kanbara about the identity of “Doctor X”. Kanbara claims to know nothing, but a nearby photo of Michiko Daimon in Cuba matches the newspaper story everyone’s been looking at behind closed doors.

The newspaper story details the same radical surgeries performed by Daimon at Teito University, but because of patient deaths and lawsuits, the true identity of “Doctor X” has never been revealed. Could Doctor X and Daimon be the same person? Busujima is convinced, but for now he’s keeping that to himself.

Daimon has caught the attention of Saki, a young patient in the hospital’s pediatric ward. Saki claims she still has pain after her surgery, but pediatric surgeon Kishida thinks it’s just a child’s ruse to gain attention. It complicates things when Jonouchi (Yuki Uchida) takes Daimon’s side, claiming Kishida doesn’t understand children’s feelings. Jonouchi and Kishida used to be married, and Jonouchi thinks her ex-husband is sacrificing time with their child in favor of chasing a promotion through chief pediatric surgeon Soma.

Soma and Torii are rivals in the medical research paper arena, both believing they are next in line for the hospital director’s chair. Soma and Kishida are insulted by Daimon’s requests for a second look at Saki, seeing further examination as proof of a surgical error.

Daimon deduces Saki’s problem, and performs emergency surgery in record time while the pediatric staff is away for an academic conference. Busujima sees the incident as further proof for his “Doctor X” theory, and seeks another private talk with Kanbara.

Daimon reveals some warmth in this episode, and Yonekura gets to show her playful and compassionate side when comforting young Saki.

Torii gets little screen time in this episode, but he gets a great moment when he informs Soma that the surgery department has saved the pediatrics department from a life-threatening mistake.