Perfume to Host 10-day Anniversary Event



Perfume recently announced that they will host a 10 day special event & show titled “Perfume Anniversary 10 days 2015 PPPPPPPPPP” starting September 21st, 2015, which is their major debut anniversary. This large-scale project was planned by Perfume members themselves to share the fun with their supporting fans.

“P.T.A. Summit”, a gig just for fan club members, will kick off the 10-day event on September 21st. Fans must pass the “P.T.A. qualification exam” to be admitted to the show and the details of the exam were just announced. Fan club members can choose one of the 4 dates to take the exam.

Aug. 8th (Sat) night session 9:00 p.m.
Aug. 9th (Sun) day session 1:00 p.m.
Aug. 9th (Sun) night session 8:00 p.m.
Aug. 10th (Mon) night session 9:00 p.m.

Questions on the exam will be from all the facts accumulated in the 15-year history of Perfume since their formation. Sample questions are available on P.T.A. Summit special website to help prepare for the exam.


Fans must sign up online (both PC and smartphones) in advance to take the exam. The registration period is from July 1st through July 15th at 11:59 p.m. (Japan time). Even though the exam is for P.T.A. fan club members only, fans can still join the fan club (P.T.A. or WORLD P.T.A.) before July 10th at 11:59 p.m. (JP time) to become eligible to take the exam.

From the Amuse USA Press Release:
Assignment songs and schedule were also announced for 3rd Perfume Dance Contest –Miseyo, BUDOKAN!-“ to be held on Sep. 23rd. Latest single “Pick Me Up” is the assignment song for “KIWAMI: Ultimate Copy” category where you will be judged by the perfection of the Perfume dance copy. It’s a very danceable up-tempo track and has very complex hands and feet moves. It will sure to be a great challenge for Perfume wanna-be dancers. For “SOU: Create Your Original Dance” category, “Perfect Star Perfect Style” was chosen as an assignment. This is a track from Perfume’s very 1st album “Perfume -Complete Best-“ and is popular among old time fans. Perfume plans to use the routine created by the grand prix of this category during their future shows.

In addition to the 2 categories, Perfume has added a new category “Under 16” for the final round. This is to encourage young dancers in grade school and jr. high to participate so look out for the future dance stars! Entry period for the 1st cut is July 1st through 20th. For more information, visit “3rd Perfume Dance Contest –Miseyo, BUDOKAN!-“ special website. Video comments from Perfume members as well as their demo dance footages are also up on the website, so make sure to check it out!

On July 22nd, new Blu-ray & DVD “Perfume WORLD TOUR 3rd” will be released in Japan. (Int’l local release dates will be announced shortly.) This contains all the footage from their show in NY at Hammerstein Ballroom. Make sure to re-live the excitement of their 1st US tour on this Blu-ray / DVD.

Message from Perfume:

“3rd Perfume Dance Contest –Miseyo, BUDOKAN!-“

Please contact the email below for questions about the dance contest.