BAND-MAID featured on J-Melo’s Breakthrough Artist Showcase


BAND-MAID J-Melo 2016

BAND-MAID will appear on the international Japanese music television program J-Melo as one of the finalists in J-Melo’s Breakthrough Artist Showcase.

The all-girl rock band placed second in the recent viewer poll, and they’ll sit down for an interview with host May-J when the program airs in mid-March, just weeks before BAND-MAID’s debut American performance at Sakura-Con in Seattle.

Air Date:
March 14 (Japan Time)
3/14 0:10, 6:10, 12:30, 18:30

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BAND-MAID recently announced their upcoming concert at Sakura-Con 2016 at the Washington State Convention Center. BAND-MAID will perform a live concert, participate in a Q&A session, and sign autographs for fans during the three-day event, March 25-27. Event and registration information can be found at Sakura-Con’s website

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Guitar & Vocals: Miku
Vocals: Saiki
Guitar: Kanami
Drums: Akane
Bass: Misa

BAND-MAID is an all-girl Japanese rock group from Tokyo formed in 2013. Their authentic maid cafe outfits, based on founder Miku’s experiences in Akihabara’s maid cafes, contrast with the band’s aggressive hard rock sound.

BAND-MAID’s breakthrough video “Thrill” was released in 2014, instantly garnering attention from Japanese rock and mainstream music fans. Racking up praises for their technical skills and daring lyrics, they released their album New Beginning in 2015, with the videos for “Real Existence” and “Thrill” surpassing 1 million YouTube views each.

Reviews for BAND-MAID’s New Beginning:

“Reminiscent of Wolfmother’s debut CD, this is a band that’s found its sweet spot and is super-clear about what they’re about.”

“New Beginning is a fantastic mini-album that deserves wide acclaim. A solid rhythm section, effortless guitar riffing/soloing, and confident vocals. This is a band that knows how to play!”
-Femme Metal Webzine

“Full of addictive numbers with a powerful chemistry of twin vocals, killer guitar riffs, low-end bass line and a precise pounding beat of the drums. Each sound by the five band members has a strong personality, but their collision unleashes huge amounts of energy in each song.”

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