SURIJIE announces first single and upcoming one-man live



Kamen Joshi’s new idol spinoff group SURIJIE (Cerisier) has announced their first single release, the self-titled song “SURIJIE~Cerisier~”, coming February 21. The single include new tracks “You Are No. 1” and “Start Line”.

The young group has also set the date for their first one-man live show to be held on November 23 at Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo.

SURIJIE’s center Ako Yamomoto commented, “Playing such a large live house is like a dream, and I can’t believe it’s coming up so soon. We’re really going to do our best until then to keep training and raise our level as high as we can!”

Song Previews

You Are No. 1

Start Line



SURIJIE – Tsukigumi (Moon Group)
Ako Yamamoto (14) SURIJIE Center
Aoi Nakamaru (21) SURIJIE Leader
Chari Suzuki (21)
Kiho Kisaki (14)
Miki Hanabusa (19)
Tsumugi Saikawa (21)

SURIJIE – Hoshigumi (Star Group)
Moka Kasumi (21)
Miho Kanzaki (18)
Momoka Aoba (22)
Rin Natsuno (11)
Shiori Morisaki (22) Leader
Nea Sugeta (18)

SURIJIE – Soragumi (Cosmos Group)
Azusa Yoshii (18)
Emi Asahina (22) Leader
Karen Ishihara (17)
Saya Himeno (17)
Yura Nagasawa (12)


SURIJIE West – Tengumi (Heaven Group)
Ami Konatsu (21)
Anzu Shida (17)
Mikuri Ooyama (18)
Umi Yoshida (18)

SURIJIE West – Kumo (Cloud Group)
Hana Kirishima (20)
Kana Kuramoto (15)
Rinne Amakusa (16)
Anzai Doremi (21)

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