YOSHIKI’s “Titan” rage explodes in “ATTACK ON YOSHIKI” commercial


Attack on Yoshiki commercial

YOSHIKI transforms into a super-powered titan in the new “ATTACK ON YOSHIKI” commercial campaign for Asahi’s Wonda Coffee which begins September 3.

Based on the hit anime series Attack on Titan, the 3D CG animated character was modeled after YOSHIKI, and the thundering drum sounds were recorded live by the X JAPAN drummer himself.


YOSHIKI composed the Attack on Titan theme song “Red Swan” and has also created themes for anime projects such as X, X2 Double X, Buddha: The Great Departure, and Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary. He served as the inspiration for the Blood Red Dragon comic series by the legendary Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee.

“Red Swan” (Attack on Titan anime theme) – Official Lyric Video

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