FAKY vs. FAKY in epic dance battle for new music video “little more”


FAKY little more

Japanese dance/vocal group FAKY has released the music video for their latest song “little more”. With moves created by BTS and NCT choreographers Quick Style, the music video shows the members of FAKY emerging from the mirror in a dance battle with themselves, expressing a dramatic journey from feelings of frustration to acceptance and empowerment.

FAKY – little more (MV)

The new song follows hit ballads “Darling (Prod. GeG)” and “half-moon” released earlier in 2020, and last year’s sensational “Girls Power” trilogy — “Girls Gotta Live“, “Antidote“, and “New Age” (co-written by Koda Kumi) — which have accumulated over 11 million views on YouTube.

The intense lyrics co-written by Lil’ Fang (who also co-wrote “half-moon”) are paired with moves from Norwegian dance crew Quick Style, who has choreographed for global artists such as BTS’s “Boy With Luv” and NCT 127’s “Kick It”. “little more” is their first time working with a Japanese group.

FAKY little more

Quick Style comment:

“We are very excited to work with a female group for the first time. This will be different from previous groups we have worked with such as NCT, SuperM, and BTS, But since we already have a close relationship to Japan it felt very natural for us to work with FAKY.

FAKY and avex made this experience even better by putting all their trust in our craft and vision for the girls.

We believe in Japanese pop music and the potential in its presentation value. That is why our mission is to make sure J-POP reaches international level in artistry, choreography, presentation and quality.

We hope we will be able to work more with the Japanese music industry in the future and be a part of the artistic development.”

FAKY members also commented on the experience of creating the music video, explaining their own personal connections to the video’s powerful theme.


Hina: “This was my first dance tune in a while, and the shooting was a fight against myself both physically, mentally!”

FAKY Mikako

Mikako: “This is the first music video where FAKY keeps dancing from the beginning till the end. I really like the scene where I dance while facing myself.”

FAKY Lil Fang

Lil’ Fang: “We’ve been releasing mellow songs ever since the start of this year so I think I’m really happy that we can release dance music that fans can enjoy.”


Taki: “The reason why the title is ‘little more’ is because with everything that’s going on all around the world, it’s very hard to know how our days would go from now. All we know is that we are progressing just a little more and try finding ways to work around the situation so that soon we will be able to be back to normal or maybe a new normal.”

FAKY Akina

Akina: “This music video is a literal reflection of the songs lyrics in which we are coming to terms with our inner selves while battling to understand what that really means; epic dance battle style haha.”

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