Bloody Monday – Episode 7 (Review)

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Bloody Monday
Episode 7

Review by David Cirone

Blood Monday Japanese Drama

Falcon and THIRD-i speed toward Falcon’s house, unaware that the Professor’s assistant is also a spy for the terrorists. Falcon boots up the hidden laptop and discovers clues pointing to an old family cottage outside Tokyo. This must be the location of the antivirus. THIRD-i once again sets in motion, with terrorist group tailing close behind them.

The prison guard’s confession clues in THIRD-i about the connection between cult leader Kamishima and the terror group. THIRD-i spies in on the prison’s surveillance camera and catches Kamishima twitching his fingers in Morse code communication to his supporters via electronic pickups in the floor.

Blood Monday Japanese Drama

It looks like THIRD-i is becoming overwhelmed, and to abate the confusion, a new leader is brought in: Kawamura. He’s a real hardass, and he chastises the operatives for their failures and takes command from Kirishima. With so many traitors (Hoshou and Takagi Sr.) and casualties, Kirishima is struggling to keep things together. No one likes what’s going on, and the team is still loyal to Kirishima behind closed doors.

Blood Monday Japanese Drama

Kano rescues antivirus from cottage, but the terror group has them surrounded. They brought heavy weapons this time, and it looks like THIRD-i is cornered. But Falcon hacks their headsets and distracts them long enough to escape…

Blood Monday Japanese Drama

…Not. Maya tracks them down and seizes the vials of antivirus, except for a single vial that Falcon conceals. Falcon’s at her mercy, but she holds back from shooting him since his dad is standing by in the getaway car.

J has other plans for Falcon, taking him out of action by framing him for a police detective’s murder. The News Club helps Falcon hide at the school’s photo lab, but one of Falcon’s friends, young photographer Hide, starts to spit up blood. Somehow, he’s been taken by the Bloody X virus.

Blood Monday Haruma Miura

THIRD-i speeds to analyze and duplicate the antivirus, and Kirishima butts heads with his new boss. Kirishima interrogates the Professor’s assistant and finds out J’s true identity. It’s a name they recognize. Who is it, and how is he connected to the imprisoned cult leader?

Falcon’s hairstyle is so large that he can easily hide a glass bottle from his enemies. Plus, his “do” doesn’t get messy even in the dirty forest.

J starts to openly remark on his unseen superior, K. How far up the alphabet does this conspiracy go?