Doctor X – Episode 8 (Review)

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Doctor X ~ Gekai Daimon Michiko
Episode 8

Review by David Cirone

Ryoko Yonekura Doctor X

Daimon successfully completes Professor Torii’s surgery as Busujima and the news reporters watch from the observation room. Teito University Hospital chairman Teshigahara, Busujima’s boss, is furious that a “temp” doctor performed such an important surgery, and orders the reporters to stay quiet. The next day, a popular magazine breaks the story anyway, causing a scandal for the department. The surgery staff is reassigned to remote locations to save face, and Busujima sees this as an opportunity to gather a new staff of “Yes Men” who will help him accumulate even more power.

The entire staff blames Daimon for the loss of their patients and credibility, and they’re even more convinced that she’s the mysterious “Doctor X” who performs unethical surgeries for money. Even amid a mass patient exodus and panic among her peers, Daimon remains unphased, only getting upset about the bad photo of her in the tabloid. Office manager Terayama (Shigeru Muroi) informs Daimon that her contract will not be renewed when it expires at 5:00 that day.

Jonouchi (Yuki Uchida) chastises Daimon for her nonchalance, reminding her that the hospital team is a family. Junoichi’s been reassigned to Nagoya, and her life as a single mother will be become even more difficult. Daimon offers to introduce Junouchi to her manager, and maybe they can freelance together in the future.

Michiko finishes her shift just as the tabloid reporter falls ill inside the hospital. The staff is hesitant to save his life, blaming him for the destruction of their beloved hospital. Daimon insists on saving his life and takes charge of the surgery. The staff thanks her, and Busujima even offers to accompany her to pay tribute at her father’s grave. Daimon declines, in a hurry to leave on a vacation cruise, and Busujima learns the true identity of Doctor X.

Shigeru Muroi gets to swing for the fences with her all-out comic performance this episode. She dominates all of her scenes, and has a fantastic moment when she vents her frustration in a frenzied monologue to Busujima’s empty coat.

Teshigahara and Busujima have a secret boardroom conversation to plan their takeover strategy, and the Doctor X producers borrow music from The Untouchables film, not-so-subtly telling us that these men are really gangsters in hospital coats.

The writers use this last episode to really beat up on the doctors and university hospital system. The surgery team is portrayed by some top actors, but even their extra efforts can’t overcome the fact that their characters became one-dimensional, selfish, and shallow in this episode. The lesson we’re being taught here isn’t hidden at all, and the final part of this drama relies on coincidence and elementary-school-level idealistic speeches. All of these actors are capable of much, much more, and I hope they’ll get to stretch out in the inevitable sequel.