STARMARIE and You Kikkawa to perform in Taiwan in July

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Japanese and Taiwanese idols will face off at PIPE Live Music’s “Taiwan Girl Idol Festival” on July 4th! Fantasy idol unit STARMARIE, currently on their Asia-Pacific tour, will be joined by fellow Japanese artist You Kikkawa.

Taiwan’s artists include Juriri Juriran Mirai Gorogoro Colony the 13th, Mi*N~Ki♡, and TIRA.


You Kikkawa and STARMARIE will also join each other’s performances in Taiwan on July 5th. You Kikkawa’s “One Man Live”, “Kikkawa You Live Tour in Taiwan ~ Yougen Jikko~” featuring a guest performances by STARMARIE, and STARMARIE’s “STARMARIE Solo Performance ~THE FANTASY WORLD~” featuring a guest performance by You Kikkawa, will also be held at PIPE Live Music venue.


Official event page for Girl Idol Festival Vol. 1 at PIPI on July 4th.

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