FEMM – GAMeBoi 2015 (Live Report)

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Live at GAMeBoi, August 7, 2015

Live report by Nhu Nguyen


West Hollywood is L.A.’s epicenter for night life. Smack dab in the middle of it all is Rage, a gay nightclub in WeHo famous for its Friday “Asian” nights put on by GAMeBoi. This particular Friday night was different, “GAMeBoi Los Angeles and J-Pop promoters Tune in Tokyo present Japanese pop duo FEMM live in West Hollywood!” One look through FAR EAST MENTION MANNEQUINS’ (FEMM) discography, you will see this venue is a perfect fit for their southern California live performance debut. It was as perfect of a fit as the latex Japanese schoolgirl outfits they wore that night.

Clips of FEMM played on monitors throughout the club beforehand, getting fans and club patrons hyped up for their performance. When FEMM took the stage at 12:15 AM, opening their set with “We Flood the Night”, people screamed. The humidity in the club leveled up even more with the audience on the main floor and the balcony overhead, drunk on music, alcohol, and excitement, all straining to get a good view of members RiRi and LuLa.


The short seven-song set list displayed the intricate, dance moves of the duo. Songs like “Astroboy” featured minor hand tutting. “Party All Night” was what I imagine robots would look like if they could tango.

“Fxxk Boyz Get Money” was a hit among the crowd. The old fans followed along with the highly anticipated “FEMM twerk” danced during the chorus. Club goers new to FEMM and this song had a clear amused smirk on their faces when they caught on to the risqué song title being sung over and over. It’s an appropriate song to fill the air among the flashing lights and male go-go dancers.

As soon as their set drew to a close with “Wannabe”, the duo left the stage in true mannequin style. It was like watching a man switch mannequins out on a store front display. A wave of fans left the main floor, rushing to buy merchandise, then lining up for a mini meet and greet. FEMM graciously signed and posed for each “Agent”. Everyone really did “Party All Night” and leave the club with “White Noise” filling their head.

Set List
01.We Flood The Night
02.White Noise
04.Fxxk Boyz Get Money
05.Kill The DJ
06.Party All Night