CYBERJAPAN DANCERS creator and top club DJ Mitomi Tokoto remixes 2NE1’s “Lonely”


Top House music producer Mitomi Tokoto, creator of the CYBERJAPAN DANCERS, remixes 2NE1’s 2011 hit “Lonely”.


The song is featured on DJ, remixer and producer Tokoto’s SoundCloud. The remix was originally created as a tribute to Tokoto’s mother, who had recently passed away when he was inspired to create the track. “This is not a sad and tears-filled track,” he comments on the video’s YouTube page, “but rather a track I made while remembering our best memories together using the voice of 2NE1 and producing all the melodies and arrangements.”

2NE1 recently made news with the upcoming departure of popular member Minzy. The group will continue as a trio with a new release scheduled for summer 2016.


Mitomi Tokoto plays frequent, wildly popular club sets together with the CYBERJAPAN DANCERS, an elite group of 25 Go-Go Dancers. They are the most booked Go-Go Dancers in Japan’s EDM scene. They have performed internationally, and worked with brands including lingerie line Ravijour.

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