FEMM releases 80s-sci-fi music videos Neon Twilight and Countdown



Japanese mannequin duo FEMM has released two 80’s-revival music videos inspired by the 80 science-fiction themes from AKIRA and Blade Runner. FEMM made their major-label debut earlier this year and have been receiving increased attention from the international music and fashion industries. For the first time in their career, they have issued a double-video release for their digital single “Neon Twilight / Countdown”.


Both songs are the official themes of “Night Nation Run in JAPAN(http://www.nightnationrun.jp),” based on the No.1 fun run event in the U.S. where the runners race on a night course with lights and music. As this event is launching in Japan, the pre-event ‘Road to “Night Nation Run in JAPAN”” was held in May. At the event, 3,500 people joined FEMM as they performed “Neon Twilight” for the first time on stage. The audience sung along with the chorus refrain and the event was plunged into excitement. The video of the event is available on YouTube as “Night Nation Run in JAPAN After Movie”:

When the music videos of their previous releases “PoW” and “L.C.S” were released, they received “Buzzclip” and “MTV EXCLUSIVE” tags consecutively. They were also picked up for “The Creators Project” in the U.S. and chosen as “The artist to watch in 2016” by Huffington Post in the UK. As they released new tracks and music videos, they received high praise from all around the world. Their official YouTube channel has received more than 6.5 million views, a huge number for a new artist.

“Neon Twilight” is an up-tempo track with repeating loops. It is a mellow and dance-able number with a new wave feel. In the music video, they don’t face the camera at all. FEMM are framed at right angles from the camera with pink, blue and purple LED lights on them. The randomly cut shots express the neon lights of the Tokyo night, their home ground Shibuya club scenes, and the nostalgic scenery from the end of each era.


On the other hand, “Countdown,” produced by Sacha Skarbek (who has produced Adele, Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey), is a chaotic song that has minimal techno track featuring funky brass phrases with classic dance-themed rap. The costumes and lyrics from 80’s culture create the cyber punk style that could only exist in sci-fi movies and animation before.

FEMM Official Website:https://femm.jp
FEMM Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FEMMJP
FEMM Official Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/femm____/
FEMM Official YouTube Channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7Pp-ffsPH8ozLKFMdxOvFw