coldrain releases Revolution MV for Mobile Suit Gundam EXVS 2



coldrain has released the MV for their latest single, “REVOLUTION”, the theme for the arcade-fighting game Mobile Suit Gundam EXVS 2. And it’s more than “REVOLUTION”‘s powerful, aggressive melody that’s reminiscent of an early 2000’s anger-fueled nu-metal anthem.

The video, directed by Koh Yamada, is intertwined with clear references to the bands’ eternal influence Linkin Park, most heavily from LP’s 2001 colossal hit “In The End”. “REVOLUTION” sees coldrain perform in a desert set, dotted with dry twisted tree branches, while the whole performance is broken up with grainy, distorted digital effects. Far from distracting, these all work to enhance Y.K.C.’s lead guitar and drummer Katsuma’s insistent rhythm as much as Masato’s (whose wardrobe choice of beige shirt also feels like an emotional nod to Bennington) stirring vocal, mixing the bands expected post-hardcore screams and rousing lyrics within a captivatingly nostalgic MV.

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