Doctor X – Episode 6 (Review)

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Doctor X – Gekai Daimon Michiko
Episode 6

Review by David Cirone

Ryoko Yonekura Doctor X

Teito University Hospital Director Busujima knows a lot about Daimon’s past. Her father was his classmate in medical school, but he and Busujima parted ways over Daimon’s high moral standards and his rejection of Busujima’s pursuit of money and political power. Daimon’s father founded his own clinic, but it went bankrupt as a result of Busujima’s influcence over the medical networks the clinic depended on.

Speaking of Daimon’s past, old family friend Musaka visits Kanbara’s home, looking for Michiko Daimon, the daughter of Daimon Sensei who saved his life 10 years ago. Musaka has developed an inoperable form of cancer, and Kanbara gets Busujima to admit him for treatment at the hospital.

Professor Torii (Yasunori Danta) starts out having a great day. His research paper has finally been accepted for the international medical conference, and Busujima’s absence makes him acting director of the hospital. He only gets to spend a few moments in the coveted seat of power before he receives some devastating news: he has the same cancer as Musaka.

Torii tries to keep his illness a secret , but Daimon spies his X-rays in the radiology department as she prepares for Musaka’s surgery. Daimon is shocked and angry with herself when Musaka suddenly passes away the night before the surgery. She wishes she’d operated sooner, and she’s not about to lose another patient. She barges into Torii’s office and exposes his condition in front of the entire medical staff. Busujima asks Daimon to perform the surgery, but Torii protests, forced to choose between his career and his life.

Danta gives a great performance, balancing dignity, ambition, and fear. His pride and happiness are fun to watch when Torii finally gets to lead the pack during hospital rounds, and his restraint is remarkable when telling his mistress that their plans for Paris may be in jeopardy.