Bloody Monday – Episode 10 (Review)

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Episode 10

Review by David Cirone

Blood Monday Japanese Drama


J threatens Haruka and makes a quick getaway when Falcon runs upstairs to protect her.

Maya strolls in to THIRD-i headquarters with a briefcase of Bloody X and the antidote, offering information on the terrorist group in exchange for protection. She reveals that the real mastermind of the operation is K, who is a sibling of J and, in fact, one of Falcon’s classmates. She names Otoya as the culprit, and THIRD-i brings him in for questioning.

Takagi Sr. kidnaps Falcon’s young classmate Anzai and points a gun at her, but he opts for escape when THIRD-i closes in, taking the young girl with him to see J.

Blood Monday Haruma Miura

J doesn’t like the “jewelry box” plan very much, and he questions Takagi’s orders from K. Takagi is determined to follow through, and he drives Anzai to an abandoned church to finish her off.

Otoya is as surprised as everyone to find out he’s related to J, but THIRD-i backs upo the accusations by uncovering info that links his dead mother to the cult’s leader. All signs point to Otoya’s involvement, but he maintains his plea of innocence, even in his private one-on-one with Falcon.

Blood Monday Japanese Drama

Anzai uses her cell phone to signal for help, and Falcon tracks her to the church, where he finds his father poised with a gun to the young girl’s head. Falcon pleads with his father to stop, but Takagi refuses. Maya appears in time to disarm him, and Falcon rushes between his father and his classmate. Wrong move, because Anzai’s got the gun now, and she takes aim at Falcon.

Young Anzai reveals her true identity as K, and shoots at Falcon. Takagi dives in front of him, taking the bullet for his son.

Anzai… little, quiet Anzai is the “K” everyone’s so afraid of? Didn’t see that one coming, and I’m not really sure how they’re going to explain it with just one episode to go.

After several episodes of leading the terrorists, J’s role has quickly been diminished. Is he really out of the picture, or just sipping a melon soda until his turn comes again?