MIYAVI’s new sake is “sharp as a sword”

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MIYAVI has revealed a new brand of Japanese sake, named after the popular guitarist and actor.

MIYAVI Sake was born in fall 2018 after the meeting of MIYAVI and 14th generation sake-maker Tokubei Masuda at Kyoto’s oldest sake brewery, Tsukino Katsura. MIYAVI commented, “As a musician, I’ve traveled all over the world, and as I came into contact with a variety of cultures, I began to feel that I wanted people overseas to know more about my own culture. I want to spread the splendor and depth of Japanese sake to people all over the world. Sweet scent like flowers, sharp taste like a sword. Please enjoy it.”

MIYAVI Sake Premium (junmai daiginjo 10-year-aged liquor) and MIYAVI Sake Sparkling (junmai sparkling liquor) are now on sale in Japan.

Miyavi Sake