Bloody Monday – Episode 9 (Review)

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Bloody Monday
Episode 9

Review by David Cirone

Blood Monday Japanese Drama

Maya and her terrorist squad escort Kamishima on his getaway through the prison sewers. Kano blocks their escape route, and he’s captured. J taunts him, and Maya infects him with Bloody X via a (ahem! –not-so-brief) kiss.

Rushed back to THIRD-i, Kano is saved by the remaining dose of antivirus meant for Hide. Watching Kano’s recovery, Falcon has a heart to heart with Kirishima. Both have lost someone dear to the terrorists and Bloody X, strengthening their resolve.

The terrorists start to execute their final plan, delivering mysterious suitcases to hidden spots in Tokyo. Falcon’s on their trail using a reverse-hacking program, and THIRD-i grabs all the virus before it can be released.

Blood Monday Japanese Drama

Frustrated by defeat, J sneaks into Falcon’s home and plays cards with young Haruka, waiting for Falcon’s return. He reveals a secret about his relationship with Falcon’s best friend, Otoya.

Back at terrorist headquarters, Maya acts on the orders of the still unseen K and shoots the leader Kirishima in the chest, announcing a new plan: It’s time to open the “jewelry box”.

Blood Monday Haruma Miura

Hisashi Yoshizawa’s subtle acting as his character Kirishima comes to a crossroads, balancing anger, grief, and sympathy. A hypnotic performance.

Tense, well directed action as Falcon and THIRD-i operatives hunt down the terrorists one by one.

Blood Monday Japanese Drama

Check out the super-disturbed look from the terrorist crew as they literally caress their bombs. If I ever see that same look on a guy with a big, dark suitcase, I’m getting off on the next stop for sure.